Maybe ACRA should listen |

Maybe ACRA should listen

Dear Editor:Regarding the Lodge at Aspen Mountain (LAM), City Council members did listen to ACRA’s input, but a majority of council members did not agree with the input. Disagreeing is different from not listening.Now, after council voted down LAM, it looks like the developer has finally listened when council, months ago, asked him to make changes to his design. He now seems to be bursting with new ideas for doing just that. So, ACRA don’t give up; it looks like Aspen will be getting a hotel because the developer has started to listen.Here are some ways that ACRA members and everyone else who has a financial concern in developing hotels or other types of buildings in Aspen could make a major contribution to the process. You could be more involved with developers during the planning phase. You could be adamant that developers be sensitive to the town and neighborhood, and design a building that is within city code and zoning standards. How about your promoting our community’s values as stated in the Aspen Area Community Plan and the Canary Initiative? Tell developers to listen and respond honestly to council’s input and request for information? You could insist developers take into consideration what the other several thousand locals, who are non-ACRA members, want to see in this town. These “others” are the folks who put these council members in office – and, by doing so, sent a strong message of their own about what they want to see happen in Aspen.ACRA, thanks for listening to me, and I hope you agree about your need to work with developers when they have a project that would benefit ACRA members.Lindsay SmithAspen


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