May the Republic RIP |

May the Republic RIP

Dear Editor:(This was written in response to Nov. 4 letters from Tom Anderson and Peter Nicklin.)Intolerance? Elitism? Hallmarks of the Democratic Party? Give me a break.How about Republican minds narrowed by overwhelming judgments about what other people do with their private life choices. How about an administration that cuts childcare, prenatal care, education, health care and jobs that help the “lower” classes while giving chunky tax cuts to a base called the “haves and the have-mores?” How about support of corporate greed with no-bid contracts and pale justice to CEOs: the crème de la crème of the “have-mores.”Issues are drowned in the welter of Republican single-minded “moral” concerns. Torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Nada. Killing 100,000 people in a nation that never raised a threat to us, the Gorilla. Nada. Killing 1,000 of our own over issues of power and control. Nada. Loss of the protections of Amendment I, IV, VI to every citizen, not just to an “enemy.” Nada. Expansion of our Gorilla base via globalist imperialism. Nada. And our president? Oh, him. Heir to an elite dynasty that covers up his drunken driving, pushes him through Yale and Princeton, and grooms him for the presidency. Oh, very down-home. Just a regular guy.The mote is in your eye. And the Republic is dead.Mabel MacdonaldAspen and Glenwood Springs

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