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Just as some religious philosophers claim that Evil exists in order that Good can be performed and discerned, so Pete Luhn must be around in order to demonstrate sanity in the rest of the world.

Unlike Buddy Ortega, who is quite obviously an individual of little intellectual prowess, Mr. Luhn has at least some education (none of his characteristic grammatical errors in this latest missive, no sirree!) and we may therefore infer that he must have made a conscious choice to hold his objectionable opinions.

He appears surprised that those who deplore the intolerant and vile whining of Ortega about Gay Ski Week “play the bigot card.” Well, Mr. Luhn, when you’re holding all the cards you play your best hand, and Ortega is a bigot. Plain and simple.

Bigotry, in case you hadn’t noticed, is increasingly unfashionable (and has always been wrong) and ostracizing the likes of Ortega and isolating their few allies is a perfectly legitimate game plan for us normal people.

So here’s a suggestion. You two obviously have a lot in common: bigotry, a penchant for exercising your First Amendment rights to free speech (and yet resenting the same Amendment’s guarantee of the right to peaceable assembly), and, of course, you live pretty close to each other.

You would have a lot to talk about, one presumes. Have you ever thought of going on a date?

Jonathan Rice



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