Masson-Styler won’t fight bankruptcy judge’s order |

Masson-Styler won’t fight bankruptcy judge’s order

Nancy Masson-Styler and the trustee handling her bankruptcy case have agreed to vacate a Nov. 16 court order that allowed her to retain $850,000 of a $1 million insurance policy she reaped after her ex-husband killed himself last year.

The decision means that Masson-Styler, who was married to William Styler at the time he murdered Aspen native Nancy Pfister in February 2014, will turn over the balance of her insurance proceeds to bankruptcy court.

Earlier this month, a U.S. bankruptcy judge ordered Masson-Styler to turn over the $850,000 after Juliana Pfister, the daughter of Nancy Pfister, filed a wrongful death claim in the case. The judge gave Masson-Styler, whose bankruptcy case is in Massachusetts, 14 days from his March 4 order to contest his ruling to turn over the $850,000. That order also vacated the judge’s directive in November to Masson-Styler to turn over $150,000 of her insurance proceeds to the bankruptcy trustee to disburse to the creditors while she kept the remaining balance.

Masson-Styler filed for bankruptcy last July; in August, William Styler, serving a 20-year prison sentence for the second-degree murder of Pfister, hanged himself in his cell.

Masson-Styler and Trustee David Madoff filed the stipulation March 15, agreeing to turn over the funds.

Masson-Styler has denied any culpability in the murder of Pfister, who was beaten to death with a hammer at her West Buttermilk residence. Pfister was 57.

Masson-Styler originally was a suspect and charged with first-degree homicide, but she walked free after her then-husband confessed to authorities that he acted alone in the homicide.

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