Maroon Creek Bridge crash injures 4 |

Maroon Creek Bridge crash injures 4

Staff Report
The Aspen Times

A three-car accident Tuesday afternoon on Maroon Creek Bridge snarled traffic for about half an hour and sent four people to the hospital with moderate injuries, police said.

The crash occurred about 1:45 p.m. when an inattentive driver heading upvalley rear-ended a Jeep Cherokee and pushed it into the on-coming, downvalley lanes, said Aspen Police Officer Walter Chi.

The Cherokee was then struck by a large Holy Cross Energy Dodge pickup, which pushed the Cherokee into the upvalley jersey barrier on the bridge, Chi said.

The accident shut down both lanes on the bridge for 20-to-30 minutes, he said.

Injuries to the four taken to Aspen Valley Hospital, which included a young child, included broken bones and teeth, Chi said.

The driver of the car that rear-ended the Cherokee was cited for careless driving, he said.