Marolt now a FishWit |

Marolt now a FishWit

Dear Editor:Thanks for braving the return of winter to attend the Freddie Fisher Day celebration at the Red Onion on Friday. Walt Smith and his band played, some people danced, and for a little while they forgot about the weather.As you may have heard, several local scribes were considered for the Freddie Fisher Irreverent Wit Prize (aka The Coveted FishWit) for letters to the editor. A panel of 11 judges discussed the merits of each letter, and it was thrilling to observe their passionate pros and cons.While merely submitting a sample letter for consideration earned the right to add “FishWit” after the writer’s signature, the final winner, “Roger Marolt, FishWit” will have his name and title engraved on the gold-plated Coveted FishWit Prize. It will hang at the Aspen Historical Society in perpetuity (or until we let the Stallard House go to a condo developer.) Keep in mind that it’s never too early to sharpen your pencils for next year’s Coveted FishWit Prize competition.Greg PoschmanAspen

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