Marolt column missing the truth |

Marolt column missing the truth

Dear Editor:

Is Roger Marolt now doing public relations for Superintendent John Maloy?

Roger is a friend, but why did his recent column (“Putting principal rumors at Aspen High School to rest,” Dec. 9, The Aspen Times) about Art Abelmann read like a press release for the school administration?

My overall response to Roger’s “facts” – close, but no cigar!

What disappointed me most was that Roger made Art out to be the villain after stating, “There are no villains in this story.” His column only pointed out Art’s purported flaws while defending Maloy, the school board and the “old guard.”

I remember when Kendall Evans was principal, he was certainly not loved, but when some parents wanted his neck, Superintendent Tom Farrell stood by his side. I wonder, if Maloy had stood by his first hire as the new superintendent, would things have been different?

The question that jumps off the page to me and should to everyone else is why didn’t Maloy “inspire” Art to leave in June or during the summer? The TELL Survey (public information?) Marolt uses as one reason for Art’s dismissal would suggest Maloy should have started the new school year minus one Art Abelmann.

So why wait until November to make his move?

Could it be Maloy didn’t want any controversy with a new contract on the table? Was he afraid his track record in Indiana would raise its ugly head?

According to Marolt, “The school board was not compromised in any way in ratifying a solution to this problem.”

That’s curious because I was told by a board member they never saw the agreement thus did not ratify anything. Oops!

Finally this from Marolt’s “opinion” column about Art: “His first year was marked by inadequate communication with teachers and students. ‘Heavy-handed’ and ‘intimidating’ might have been accurately used to describe his management style.”

Really? The students and teachers I spoke to seemed to like him. I wonder if Roger ever sat down and talked to Art because he was anything but heavy-handed or intimidating.

The problem Maloy has is nobody in his or her right mind believes Art resigned and left in the middle of the night on his own volition.

John Gotti said, “I never lie, because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.” I can only wonder what John Maloy is afraid of.

If Roger wants truth, let’s take a look at the agreement Art signed the day he left.

Andrew Kole


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