Marks provided a service |

Marks provided a service

Dear Editor:

In her recent column, Su Lum seemed pretty frustrated with Marilyn Marks. After all, Marilyn had the temerity to challenge our current mayor in the recent election. Who gave Miss Marks “permission” to do that? Su also implied that she was annoyed with Marilyn’s “plethora of complaints” about how our town is run.

Fortunately, democracy works best when we hold a dialogue between the individuals in power and the party that wants to take control. It’s the responsibility of each citizen to question our government officials. Miss Marks had every right to challenge municipal waste and questionable policies in Aspen. She did a service to all of us in the community. Moreover, her message resonated with many Aspen voters who supported her candidacy.

My guess is that Miss Lum didn’t complain when Democrats challenged George W. Bush about his lack of concern for global warming, the Guantanamo detainees, or the war in Iraq. The inference we can draw is that Miss Lum probably thinks that it’s fine to question our government, as long as you agree with Su’s issues and support her candidates.

Mick Ireland has earned our congratulations for his election victory and his stellar record on the environment. However, every politician must eventually answer to the citizens of Aspen and to the voters. Mick will do a better job as our mayor if his efforts and initiatives are focused by honest debate. Accordingly, many of us in town hope that Marilyn, and Andrew, and LJ continue to provide thoughtful counterpoint to Aspen’s ruling party.

I have a friend in Boulder who is an expert on the political process. He likes to point out that “the only thing worse than the two-party system ” is a one-party system.”

Jerry Bovino