Marks needs to move on |

Marks needs to move on

Dear Editor:

Marilyn Marks is a big, fat loser. How do I know this? Because I am a big, fat loser, too (certainly the biggest and fattest in our recent election). It is the obligation of big, fat losers such as ourselves to concede and congratulate the winners and then move on.

Moving on does not mean casting doubt on the results of an election, as seems to be the intent of Ms. Marks and her merry band of Marks-ists to judge from their recent contributions to the public discourse. They cite faulty analysis from fake experts to imply that our voting system is flawed and they continue to suggest to the public that Adam Frisch, who finished fifth, actually was a winner.

In Matthew 20:16 we are taught “the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.” Since nowhere in this apt parable does it suggest the fifth shall be second, it is imperative that we, each of us, respect the will of the voters and support the few who were chosen in this election, Mick, Torre and Derek. They won fair and square.

To continue to raise doubts about the results or to allow others to do so on her behalf is to suggest the result is illegitimate. This is contrary to Marks’ purported commitment to civility in our public affairs.

It also suggests to me that Ms. Marks is simply unhappy with the outcome and hiding behind this issue to continue the campaign the rest of us are thankful to have concluded ” or seeks to begin today a campaign for mayor that is two years off. Neither would be particularly transparent (transparency being another of Marks’ “goals”) nor helpful for civil discourse.

We should all be grateful we had the good sense to enact instant runoff voting as we weren’t subjected to the month of bloodletting Ms. Marks seems to think preferable to the fair and rational system mimicking Aspen’s traditional voting method.

We must all hope Ms. Marks doesn’t intend to so bedevil the council over the next two years that they will be distracted from doing the work we elected them to do on our behalf ” elected them ” not me, not her. If she chooses otherwise she should be held accountable for rejecting the clear intent of the majority.

Ms. Marks has talked often at the public about transparency, accountability and civility. Having now made herself a public figure, it is past time for Ms. Marks to behave as civilly (and politely) as she suggests is appropriate for others.

Jack Johnson


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