Marks, Milias are community assets |

Marks, Milias are community assets

Dear Editor:

I applaud Philip K. Verleger Jr. on his letter to the editor this week in response to Donie Grange’s remarks that Marilyn Marks should “move to another town.”

We may not agree with every view of Ms. Marks and Ms. Milias, aka The Red Ant, but if you are one of those who attend council meetings, or are one who receives The Red Ant via e-mail, you would realize how dedicated these women are to researching so many issues that bring to light situations we are not always aware of; and in other cases, assists each of us in deciding for ourselves on public issues.

I for one feel very fortunate to have Marilyn and Elizabeth be a part of our community, and continue to be inspired by the hard work and hours they put into caring about this valley in which they live.

Susan Capiel-Collin


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