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Market insanity

Dear Editor:Just a comment on how Home Depot and Lowe’s decide where to put their stores: I have two close friends that were employed in upper management with Home Depot (neither are now). They worked for different Home Depots, one East Coast, one West Coast; both said the same thing, that Home Depot and Lowe’s had such a fierce competition and rivalry between them, that they would do almost anything to put their stores within “x” amount of miles of each other, whether or not the demographics worked, and even if it cut into profitability. We now have a Lowe’s only 15 miles from Carbondale, and I can’t imagine that with Ace hardware, BMC (in Glenwood and Aspen), Valley Lumber and Big John’s, that we could possibly need another big building-supply store anywhere in the vicinity.I think we should all remind our elected officials that when the most likely reason a big box store like Home Depot is interested in coming to Carbondale is to play out an insane competition, we need to pay close attention to motive as well as appropriateness of potential marketplace “anchors.”Kathy FontaineCarbondale

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