Marilyn’s latest witch hunt |

Marilyn’s latest witch hunt

Dear Editor:

First, this letter does not reflect anyone’s opinion on the Housing Frontiers Group (HFG) other than myself. With that said, I want to address Marilyn Marks’ letter about the HFG.

Marks said, “They (the HFG) consider themselves to be an anointed special class of citizens who can personally hold and selectively distribute public information …”

1. I am excited to know Steve Barwick has the power to anoint, as it is usually reserved for religious ceremonies in which a king or queen is involved.

2. As to the HFG being a special class of citizens – just think of us as superheros, and remember “with great power comes great responsibility.”

3. The capital reserve studies are not the property of the HFG, which Marilyn has been told over, and over, and over, and over (get the point). It is the property of the participating HOA, AACHA, the city, and the county, as per the agreement that preceded the studies.

4. Marilyn has had the opportunity to attend any or all of our meetings, which have been going on weekly for over two years. Let me be more specific: Until two weeks ago, Marilyn has never attended a meeting – maybe she was too busy suing? Nevertheless, she choose not to volunteer, instead, now has decided to attack under the guise of transparency. Personally, I have spent over 250 hours volunteering. So, Marilyn, either show up or show some respect.

5. And speaking of respect, “the question” asked by a member of the HFG about Marilyn’s intentions was a direct result of Marilyn’s DNA history when it comes to local government.

6. I think if Marilyn wants to talk about transparency, she might consider the possibility a “fog” has rolled in and is clouding her ability to see the HFG has no power, and no agenda other than trying to address affordable housing issues, such as capital reserves, and how to best provide for retirees in the future.

Simply put, the HFG is not a “one-trick pony” as she would like others to believe.

Finally, the question as to how to get more people involved on boards and other groups is often asked. Considering Marilyn’s attack on a group that doesn’t even get free muffins, I think the answer is very transparent – it’s just not worth it.

Andrew Kole


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