Marilyn backtracks

Dear Editor:

Practicing what you preach is a tough road to follow. I do not always agree with Mick Ireland on the issues, but I know that he never says anything behind someone’s back that he is not honest enough to say to their face in a public hearing, and I respect that.

Marilyn Marks does not seem to have that same value. Let’s look at the FAIR group that she was a member of. They hired their own investigative reporter who they fired when he had the nerve to investigate her, surprise. I was impressed when, at Squirm Night, one of the reporters asked about the bankruptcy of her company, and she first blamed it on the man who ran it for six months after she hired him, and, surprise, she later had to admit that she was still the chairman of the board when it was happening.

The Red Ant is Marilyn’s anonymous blog that she regularly uses for hatchet jobs against anyone that dares to disagree with her. When asked when she was going to release that list of Red Ant supporters, she stated that she and her friend never took any money, and, surprise, less than 15 minutes later she revised her answer to say that she thought that they had returned the checks that people had sent them!

Truth and transparency does not seem to have a place on her agenda either.

Mick was a county commissioner when Burlingame phase one was planned and built, but she continually blames him for everything that went wrong. Mick was a major reason that the Citizens Budget Task Force was formed and given full access to all of the city’s records, and to read a copy of the final report and recommendations, look on the city of Aspen website. One last thought: Marilyn’s brilliant idea of just building starter houses to solve our housing problem ” been there, done that, bit us in the behind. Just ask someone looking at the starter houses that are selling at well over a million dollars.

Marcia L. Goshorn



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