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High Country: Light up your holiday party with a luxury cannagar ‘Made in Xiaolin’

The Colorado cannabis company’s bougie blunts sell for up to $250 per pre-roll and are hand-wrapped in gold.

Katie Shapiro
High Country

One Colorado cannabis company has taken the definition of “high rollers” to the extreme in the form of luxury cannagars that can cost up to $250 per pre-roll — a perfect party favor for the mobs of monied tourists heading to town this month. And for us locals, they’re worthy of the splurge — whether as a stocking stuffer or conversation-starter.

Inside its “Creative Rolling Studio” in Evergreen, Xiaolin handcrafts a range of the bougiest blunts in the state, which are sold through more than 100 licensed retail partners (with three in downtown Aspen).

Founded by husband-and-wife team Chris “LS” Louie and Chongsi Chang in 2017, they landed on the idea for Xiaolin after two years of research within the Colorado cannabis industry; the couple relocated from New York City to start their own venture shortly after it was first legalized recreationally in 2012.

“At that time, there was a two-year residency (requirement) to obtain a license, so during that time we were trying to figure out (an alternative),” Louie told me during a recent phone interview. “We were looking at grow and concentrate facilities, but what got us to do what we’re currently doing was really just through social media.”

Already popular in states like Washington and California, he came across the luxury cannabis cigar brand LEIRA and was shocked to find out that there wasn’t anything like it yet in Colorado. Within months of welcoming their first son, Xiaolin was also born.

“My wife and I train in Shaolin Kung Fu with a monk and the culture has a heavy influence over our company,” Louie added. “A big part of kung fu is about finding balance — to train your body and train your mind. This balance can be found in our products, since we combine flower with concentrate. We spell it a little different, and across the Xiaolin brand, ‘X’ marks the spot.”

Without growing cannabis flower or extracting its own concentrates, Xiaolin works with a rotating list of partners to source the plant. Once it arrives at headquarters — also referred to as “The Xiaolin Temple” (a nod to Wu-Tang Clan, who like Louie and Chang, grew up in Staten Island) — Xiaolin’s small staff rolls up each cannagar by hand.

“We try to be as picky as possible in the growers and extraction labs that we work with because we want to create the finest, cleanest product possible,” chimed in Chang. “Flavor is our top priority and Chris is always like, ‘It’s got to puff.’ We’ve found that our customers want a special, memorable experience — it’s not just (a joint they’re going to buy) ‘to only get high.’”

Louie and Chang also count competitive joint- roller and artist Meghan Wandfluh (@megans_ js_4daze) as Xiaolin’s creative rolling director who helps oversee the brand’s cannagar design. What started as working with two pounds of cannabis per month in its earliest days is now up to a 12-pound monthly production depending on the season. They credit their success to the continual growth of both the pre-roll and luxury categories in Colorado’s cannabis market overall.

Here’s a look at the complete Xiaolin Commission — each cannagar is available in a range of natural paper, rice paper or limited- edition wraps like gold and rose petals — sure to light up cannabis-friendly gatherings this season. Xiaolin also offers an exclusive weekly email drop list and is soon releasing a custom- designed joint in the shape of a Christmas tree containing more than an eighth of flower.



Also known as “the boss,” the Godfather V.S.X.L. (Very Special Xiaolin) is Xiaolin’s largest and longest- burning cannagar, clocking in at up to three hours of lit time with 10 grams

of flower blended with 2 grams of concentrate.



This “underboss” edition is Xiaolin’s mid-size cannagar that burns between one and two hours and is rolled with 5 grams of flower blended with 1 gram of concentrate. A custom, reusable glass tip is also included.



The petite “mistress” is Xiaolin’s personal-sized cannagar with a burn time between 30 minutes and one hour and is rolled with 2.5 grams of flower blended with 0.5 grams of concentrate. A custom, reusable glass tip is also included.



The “soldier” is Xiaolin’s take on

a classic joint plumbed with a 4-millimeter hole for a maximum pull and steady burn line. With a lit time

of up to 20 minutes, it’s rolled with 2 grams of flower blended with 0.4 grams of concentrate. A custom, reusable glass tip is also included.


Find Xiaolin cannagars in Aspen at the following partner downtown dispensaries (pricing varies by store):

Dalwhinnie Farms

108 S. Mill St.




710 E. Durant Ave.



The Green Joint

720 E. Durant Ave.



For Xiaolin stockists across Colorado, visit madeinxiaolin.com (@madeinxiaolin).