Granby medical workers unknowingly ingest THC in holiday treats

Reid Tulley

GRANBY — A batch of drug-laced Chex-Mix delivered to Middle Park Medical Center staff around Christmastime has tested positive for Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the chemical compound found in marijuana, according to Granby Police Chief Bill Housley.

Though the department knows who delivered the treats and has transferred the case to the District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution, Housley said the District Attorney’s Office is inclined not to prosecute the case due to a lack of intent to deliver the THC-laced treats to the hospital staff.

“They are having a hard time proving that she deliberately delivered the treats,” Housley said.

The Sky-Hi place three calls to the 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office for comment on this case, but they were not returned.

According to Housley, the treats were delivered by a person who made two batches of the treats, one without the THC, originally intended for the hospital staff, and one with THC, intended for friends “who would appreciate the enhanced pleasurable effects,” he said.

“Lo and behold, she dropped the wrong one off before going to the medical center,” Housley said.

Neither party who received the treats was happy, according to Housley. Friends of the person who delivered the treats expected more than just Chex Mix, while three medical center employees had to leave work while dealing with unwanted side effects of THC.

When the police contacted the deliverer of the treats, she was “aghast and shameful,” Housley said. “She thought in good faith that she was delivering a treat to the hospital staff for a holiday treat,” he said.

While individual(s) who ingested the treats did not wish to speak to police, citing personal and professional concerns, the individual(s) who did speak with police reported feeling a light-headed type feeling. “They knew they weren’t feeling right mentally or physically,” Housley said.

The Middle Park Medical Center does not plan to pursue civil legal action in this matter, according to statements the hospital released on March 18.

But employees who ingested the THC wanted to pursue criminal proceedings, Housley said.

“Some of them were certainly willing to participate in a prosecution, they were obviously not pleased,” he said. “It cost them time at work because once they realized they were altered, they couldn’t work. At least they were responsible enough to take themselves out of work.”

As a preventative measure for the future, Middle Park Medical Center administration has implemented a policy “that employees cannot accept homemade goods from patients. Employees can accept manufactured wrapped goods,” according to the press release.

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