Aspen marijuana-patch business acquired for $15,000

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

There’s a change of ownership at RX Green, the Aspen-based manufacturer of marijuana-infused patches.

The Local Licensing Authority on Wednesday signed off on Steven Garcia’s application to acquire the business from Josh Meacham of Snowmass Village.

The move comes a week after Meacham turned himself in to local authorities on allegations that he sold fake New Mexico elk-hunting permits. If Meacham were convicted of the felony theft charges, it would be illegal for him to run a marijuana business.

Meacham didn’t attend Wednesday’s change-of-ownership hearing. After the hearing, Garcia said Meacham’s legal problems had nothing to do with the change.

“We’ve been planning this for months,” said Garcia, who has been Meacham’s business manager. He declined to elaborate.

Garcia bought the business for $15,000.

“We’ve done a complete 100 percent change of ownership,” he told the board, adding that Meacham no longer works for the company.

The Local Licensing Authority was hesitant to give Meacham his manufacturer’s license in January when his background came into question. Meacham’s past included traffic transgressions in Arizona as well as a grand jury indictment in Arizona. The charge, also related to big-game hunting, was dropped. But Meacham failed to report the incidents on his application, prompting the board to call his character into question. At a subsequent special hearing, Meacham explained himself to the board, which unanimously approved his applications to manufacture marijuana-infused patches for recreational purposes and relocate his business to the basement of the Buckhorn Arms building at 730 E. Cooper Ave.

As many as 15,000 patches can be manufactured in one day at the roughly 600-square-foot space, Meacham told The Aspen Times earlier this year. Users of the patches simply put them on their arm, and the effects take hold within 45 minutes, lasting as long as 10 to 12 hours.

RX Green is strictly a manufacturer and distributor of the patches, which cannot be bought at its production facility.