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Margaret S. Wong

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Aspen, CO Colorado
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Longtime Aspen resident Margaret Wong died June 3, 2008, in Denver. She died peacefully in her sleep, with her children at her bedside. She was 71.

Margaret lived an amazing life. Born in Malaysia during the war, she was orphaned at a young age and amazingly, after several years, reunited with her mother. Later, Margaret made her way to Singapore, where she met and married the young, handsome doctor, Edward Wong, with whom she had four beautiful children. The family left Singapore in the early 1970s for a new life in America and eventually settled in Aspen, where she raised and supported her children on her own.

Margaret was well-known around Aspen as a remarkable healer. She helped many women bear children who thought they could not; the elderly remain mobile; sports figures enhance their flexibility and athletic agility; and ordinary folk maintain their good health.

In addition to her massage practice, Margaret owned and operated the House of Nine Dragons restaurant at the Fireside Lodge. After closing the restaurant in 1979, Margaret continued her love of entertaining, and her cooking was unsurpassed. She always was making something special for her friends and family. If invited to her home for lunch, dinner, a birthday celebration or Chinese New Year, one would cancel all engagements not to miss an extraordinary meal with the remarkable woman. Travel was another one of Margaret’s passions, especially cruising the high seas, which took her to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

Margaret was a dear, supportive friend to many, and all will sorely miss her.

She is survived by her beloved children, sons Stopher, Ignatius and Clement, and daughter Jackie; grandchildren Alex, Taylor and Logan; son-in-law Leonard and daughter-in-law Kim; her husband, Ed Wong; sister May Soon; and in-laws Bee Wong and Paul Poh, and their children, Lawrence and Aaron.

A celebration of Margaret’s life will take place in mid-July at her condominium in Aspen.