Mardi Gras bead sparks a lawsuit |

Mardi Gras bead sparks a lawsuit

An Aspen woman is suing the Aspen Skiing Co. and Gordon’s High Alpine Restaurant after she bit into her lunch and damaged several teeth on a Mardi Gras bead.

Sezanne Tener and her husband, Stanley, filed the lawsuit against the restaurant on Snowmass Mountain exactly two years after the incident. Tener claims she “bit into a very hard object, later discovered to be a bead presumably off a Mardi Gras necklace” while eating a baked potato stuffed with chicken stew.

According to the suit, Tener was informed that there were employees of the restaurant “playing and throwing a Mardi Gras necklace at each other in the food preparation area, and the necklace broke, resulting in the bead in the food.” Tener claims that she fractured four teeth and damaged five others, resulting in a total of 27 surgical procedures.

The suit states that Tener has undergone multiple dental procedures including root canals, teeth extractions and placement of crowns. It also says that, as a result of the dental injuries, Tener contracted a bacterial infection with chronic damage in her jawbone and chronic sinusitis of the right sinus that she still has to treat.

Tener claims that she continues to suffer severe jaw and head pain and chronic hip and back pain “resulting in hospitalization and the necessity to use a wheelchair for an extended period of time.” The suit states that since the day she injured her teeth, Tener has been diagnosed with chronic pain and suffered from extreme fatigue, weight loss and loss of strength.

Tener and her husband are suing the Skico and Gordon’s for unspecified damages for physical pain, emotional distress, loss of time and “a loss of her ability to enjoy a full and useful life.” The suit also states that Tener’s injuries have resulted in a permanent economic loss and permanent physical impairment.

Tener and her attorney, James Puga, could not be reached for comment. The suit lists “A.H.C.S. Inc.,” Gordon’s High Alpine Restaurant and the Aspen Skiing Co. as defendants in a “breach of implied warranty of wholesomeness of food” claims.

“At the time the baked potato stuffed with chicken stew was sold to Plaintiff Sezanne A. Tener, it had a bead in it and it was unfit for human consumption,” the claim reads.

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