March’s maddening snow conditions |

March’s maddening snow conditions

Spring, slush-ous spring!

Powder hounds one day, slush puppies the next.

Locals and visitors rode the winter spectrum from Wednesday into the weekend as the recent rations of dumplings a la face-shot melted under Saturday and Sunday’s intense sunshine.

One permanently disgruntled local, who begrudgingly visited Ajax after an impromptu two-month boycott, returned to find ankle-deep mashers in the Dumps.

And cream-cheese cruiser tracks to get his swerve on.

And yes, even a smattering of soul food amid the glitzy garnish.

While stopped on Summer Road above Strawpile, none other than Klaus Obermeyer streaked past.

No hat, no goggles. Just black glasses and bent knees.

To say that the 80-something Obermeyer turned would be inaccurate. Better, he merely synched into the terrain to the skier’s left, a right-then-left-then-right plummet that sent him swooping back to the cat track and toward the gondola at about the same time his three younger pursuers made it the top of Strawpile.

On a day like that, the only thing you wish for is an open window on the gondola.

In lieu of that, the Bell chair was open for business over the weekend. At least 19 people were witnessed riding it, including four patrollers.

Looking into the future, forecasters are calling for a continuation of the brisk westerly flow through the week, including another big warmup Thursday and Friday.

Scattered snow showers were expected to grace the northern mountains last night and into today with up to 2 inches, but no snow was predicted for Aspen.

Forecasters are also calling for highs near 40 today (if that can be believed after yesterday!), and partly cloudy skies. Same thing for Tuesday, well mostly cloudy, and highs at 40.

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