March |



Starts with a two week mental revolution. Your mind is processing all the info it brought back – it might be hard to sleep at times!

From the 6th two weeks of being challenged to restructure your life for more spirituality and communication about matters that matter. Time for romance, beauty and art. All that increases for two weeks from the 13th. Your mind wants to make life adjustments so you can use what you learned.

For two weeks from the 15th you will be reassessing people on the basis of “Do they add value or not?” If they don’t then they must go, because you are coming into a higher level of love, appreciation and value of yourself, others and life. People either take you higher or drag you down and you want a lot more of the former!

The 21st begins a massive change in planetary consciousness for 7 years, with Uranus moving into Pisces. This brings a strange mixture, including that people who operate from selfish materialism will be brought down, and those who come from true humanitarian and spiritual concerns will prosper. Dreams will come true and illusions and delusions smashed.

From the 24th two weeks of intense need to find new value and meaning. The path for this is to break out of old patterns and rules, to experiment and explore, especially sexually – yes, get kinky! This, you will find, is greatly expansive and freeing and lifts your Mind and Spirit to new levels of being You!