Many thanks for acts of kindness |

Many thanks for acts of kindness

Dear Editor:

Jim Oliver of Oliver’s Mail Boxes Etc. died unexpectedly Feb. 2. Because Jim’s elderly parents are suffering their own ailments, I came to Aspen to assist in any way that I could, with their blessings.

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to the following individuals and indeed the entire community of Aspen who have been so very kind in their thoughts, deeds and memories of Jim:

I am very grateful to the members of the Aspen Elks Lodge, a beautiful facility run in an efficient and caring way by Brian O’Neil. Thank you Brian for your guidance and assistance in arranging our “Celebration of Life.” It was an intimate, sad and yet joyous celebration of one of Aspen’s most hard-working businessmen, Jim Oliver.

Linda and Stu Nichols of the Mountain House Lodge were most kind and understanding of my immediate need for accommodation without having made a reservation. They squeezed me into their delightfully comfortable property as long as I needed to stay. Their wonderful breakfast sometimes was my only meal of the day ” but what a breakfast!

Mary Woulfe, Jill of all trades, Jim’s right-hand-lady and bookkeeper, expert Skico instructor and high school golf coach, welcomed me to the world of Mail Boxes and enlightened me in the finer points of Jim’s attention to the needs of his customers.

Scott Dolginow, owner of Aspen Animal Hospital has been most generous with his time devoted to Waldo, one of Aspen’s most famous residents and “stars.” He has made house calls to Waldo for necessary “repairs,” and truly is the most gentle, devoted veterinarian I have met. And I’ve met many!

Diane Amsden of Mail Boxes Etc., you’re a true warrior! You’ve managed to hold the fort and you’re doing an amazing job! I wonder how many others could fall into this position without caving under the enormous responsibility and sheer “busyness” of Mail Boxes Etc. Diane Frederick and Yanna Blacy have jumped into the fray to help Diane Amsden.

Tim and Dave at Take 2 Video, Debbie at Clark’s Market, Heather at Sashae and Roger Ryan of the sheriff’s office, thank you for keeping an ever-watchful eye on Waldo, the love of Jim’s life. Richard Bird, yoga instructor, your attention to Waldo and Snowball’s needs are truly appreciated. You have been the one constant in their lives recently.

My sincere gratitude to the wonderful residents Aspen who knew the circumstances, welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at ease and at home. I had already met some of you on previous visits to Jim in Aspen. His work schedule never permitted him to visit me!

Waldo continues to be a very prominent citizen of Aspen. I appreciate your generosity of spirit and kindness in donating to the Waldo Fund. We have been carefully vetting the committed volunteers who have expressed serious interest in caring for him. Two very eligible families are under consideration, and we believe that these families, with their children and the inevitable parade of visiting friends and playmates will be able to provide the perfect, loving and safe environment for Jim’s dearest friend.

I will be sure to update all of Aspen on Waldo’s welfare and future residence.

Maureen Oliver

Newtown Square, Pa.


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