Many thanks |

Many thanks

Dear Editor:On behalf of the Aspen Youth Center, we want to thank our generous donors for helping to make the 2004 Aspen Youth Center education series such a success:Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Sonya and Marcos Rodriguez, Holly and Steve Tullar, Wells Fargo Bank; Alpine Bank, Marianne and Don Buchholz, Robin and Dick Danell, Jeanne and Andrew Doremus,, Carolyn and Bob Glah, Hosier Family Foundation, Jill and Curtis Kaufman, Frank Woods and Tony Mazza – M & W Properties, Nuages, Morris & Fyrwald Real Estate, Cathy and Michael Tierney;Aspen Painting, Caroline Hicks and Bert Fingerhut, Midland Clothing Co., Obermeyer Asset Management Co., Mary and Jim Stokes, Alison and Boniface Zaino;Cindy Allison, MK and Ted Gardenswartz, Cynthia and Frank Goldsmith, Holland & Hart, Joshua & Co., Heather Kirby, Mountain Temp Services, Kristin Nelson, Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary, Reese Henry & Co., Staci and Stan Stokes; Gary Crabtree, Aspen Times, Fiji Water, Frias Properties, KSNO, Paradise Bakery and Pinons.Thank you! Allison DailyAspen Youth Centerboard president

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