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Many talents

Dear Editor:As some of you know I was born in Aspen (Feb. 3, 1926) and have lived there most of my life. I had a mother who was, and is, very special to me – as yours is to you.Mother had a heart defect and wasn’t supposed to live past 5 years of age, so by necessity life was very quiet for myself, along with my grandmother (who was a Rosicrucian) and my grandfather (who was a college math professor from Illinois) as well as two brothers and a sister.Mother had a wonderful musical talent and could play anything she heard “by ear.” We were awakened each morning by gorgeous Strauss waltzes. Because I witnessed this talent, I know each of us has knowledge available to us if we stay quiet long enough to open to it. Some call this the Morphogenetic Field.One of my talents is: When I have need of knowledge, it comes to me from various sources without any conscious effort on my part. In 1947, I had been thinking about flying saucers; the next day I clicked on the very serious, no-nonsense radio program by H.V. Keltonborn (spelling?) as he announced: “Speaking of flying saucers: I’ve seen them, they’re wonderful and they’re ours!!Eloise IlgenCarbondale

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