Many questions mean no on 4A |

Many questions mean no on 4A

Dear Editor:

Dorothea Farris indicated in her latest letter to the editor that, by supporting 4A, RFTA will improve many things ” like transit stops.

Does this mean that RFTA will keep these areas clean of gravel and highway garbage? Will the stops be shoveled and made safe for riders during winter? Last winter, I had to call the state, county and RFTA to get my local downvalley stop cleared of the huge mound of snow there from plowing. Last year, the snow was so high, I had to bend down to push the pedestrian signal, then jump off this mound to cross Highway 82.

Providing bus service every 15 minutes in some areas would be great, but in the middle of the day, buses are empty. How un-energy efficient! I am not sure that hybrid buses are the best choice. The University of Connecticut measured the particulate emissions from two hybrid transit buses and two conventional diesel buses and found no decrease in particulate emissions from the hybrid bus.

Is the hybrid bus the right choice? A hybrid bus can cost up to $500,000. A standard diesel bus is about $300,000. How many is RFTA planning on getting? Low-emission natural gas buses are somewhere around $20,000 to $50,000 more than a diesel (source: Why is RFTA not considering natural gas or even gasoline hybrid buses? Why not use vans during non-peak hours?

If 4A is passed, will money be used for expanding the authority to include light rail? I don’t believe this is true. As our valley grows, so must our thinking expand to make sure that tax dollars are spent wisely. I believe RFTA needs to do some more thinking about the future and what is important for all. Vote NO on 4A.

Kim Vieira

Aspen Village

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