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Many Events

There is no fall offseason in Aspen anymore because locals fill it with all kinds of events.A highlight for the younger set in early December was the Rocky Mountain Classic Hockey dinner held at the Sundeck on Aspen Mountain. The Aspen Junior Hockey Team got to meet many professional hockey players.A group of Aspenites in October climbed Culebra, the 14,000-foot peak in southern Colorado that is on private land. Kathy DeWolfe tells me that it was quite a process for them to get permission to climb the peak; they had to pay a fee and be escorted in by the landowners, who live in Texas. It took the group two years to get permission. The ranch just sold and the new owners were very accommodating. The Aspen group is trying to climb all 54 peaks in Colorado over 14,000 feet. This climb was the last of the 54 for Jon Gibans and Jacklyn Derosier.