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Missouri man arrested in Aspen with pocketful of credit cards ditches court

Staff Report

A disbarred St. Louis lawyer caught last month with more than 70 credit cards belonging to other people failed to show up for his court date Monday.

Alan Cohen, 50, posted a $7,500 bond after he was arrested Oct. 9 and was allowed to leave the state, according to court records. After failing to show up in court Monday, District Judge Chris Seldin issued a warrant for Cohen’s arrest asking that he be held on a $25,000 cash-only bond.

Cohen was arrested in Aspen after acting strangely at a series of high-end stores in the downtown core area, including refusing to produce identification to match the credit cards he was attempting to use.

After he was arrested, officers found 12 credit cards in his pockets, none of which displayed his name. When they searched his 2009 Ford Crown Victoria, police found another 60 credit cards, a trove of electronics and two boxes of other people’s unopened mail.

Cohen was caught with scores of credit cards in November 2015 after police found him urinating in the parking lot of an Indiana mall. He voluntarily gave up his law license in 2010 after admitting he stole from clients.

Cohen has so far been charged with identity theft, criminal impersonation and criminal possession of a financial device. Deputy District Attorney Sarah Oszczakiewicz said Tuesday it is “reasonable to assume there might be more charges coming.”


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