Man wants Denver E.T. affairs panel, says he has alien video

The Associated Press
Denver, CO Colorado

A man wants Denver city voters to set up a commission to prepare for visits from space aliens, and he plans to release a videotape that convinced him there is life on other planets.

Jeff Peckman proposes an 18-member Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. He said his footage shows four-feet tall, gray aliens.

“You could see them blink as they looked in a window and panned a room,” Peckman said as he met Thursday with city officials for a required review of his ballot proposal.

David Broadwell, an assistant city attorney, asked Peckman if he was really serious.

Seven high school students from Littleton watched the hearing, wearing tin foil hats they had seen in “Signs,” the M. Night Shyamalan movie about aliens.

Peckman, who makes his living selling a new technology he says reduces “the chaos of electromagnetic fields,” talked about UFOs landing in Los Angeles and hovering near the White House. He said he’s never seen an alien himself.

Peckman needs to gather 4,000 signatures to get the proposal on the ballot. Even if he fails, Peckman said, the effort will educate people about the existence of aliens.

“I just did a radio interview with a South Africa talk show, and the discussion is all the same,” he said. “People call in. They say, ‘Yes, I’ve had this experience. We know the government has been hiding this information.’ It’s time to bring it out.”