Man to Aspen cops: ‘I own you all’ |

Man to Aspen cops: ‘I own you all’

A 39-year-old man who made a scene at three local watering holes during the past week then threatened to use his family’s wealth against cops was arrested Saturday for harassment, according to a police report.

Joshua Gerchen of St. Louis was in the process of yelling at the manager of Mezzaluna about 9 p.m. Saturday when officers entered the restaurant, the report states. The officers had been called because Gerchen was allegedly being difficult with customers and staff.

Gerchen stepped outside with police and told them he’d been at a table spending “thousands of dollars” on steaks and drinks and didn’t know why they were there, according to the report. While talking with officers, Gerchen handed the manager a credit card to pay his bill, but it was declined.

This development caused Gerchen to become verbally abusive with officers, the report states.

“I pay your f—ing salaries,” he said, according to the report. “I own you all.”

He also said: “Don’t worry, my rich daddy will take care of this f—ing bill and I will be suing all of your asses,” the report states.

None of his threats paid the bill, however, so officers asked how he planned to settle it.

“Gerchen then called his mother on his cellphone and handed the phone to (the Mezzaluna manager),” according to the report. “Gerchen told (the manager) ‘Take the phone if you want to get paid.’”

Gerchen’s mother then paid the $134 tab, and the manager said he wasn’t welcome back, the report states.

Another officer attempted to give Gerchen back his credit card, but Gerchen threw it on the ground and said, “Pick it up, bitch,” according to the police report. The officer declined to do so, told Gerchen he was free to leave and left the scene.

However, not long after, officers were called back to Mezzaluna because Gerchen returned “and began ‘dry-humping’ (simulating sex) with the fence in front of the restaurant windows while ‘flipping them off’ and mouthing the words ‘f–k you,’” the report states.

He was later arrested at the Limelight Hotel and taken to jail for harassment and making the obscene gestures, according to the report.

“This town f—ing sucks,” Gerchen said in the back of the police car, according to the report. “I am just here to do drugs.”

Employees at the Limelight told officers Gerchen had been belligerent, abusive and aggressive with staff there Friday, the report states. Officers also received a “REDDI” report from the hotel earlier Saturday about a possible drunken driver in Gerchen’s black Mercedes sedan with Missouri license plates, according to the report.

Later, a bartender at the Hotel Jerome told officers she cut Gerchen off from alcohol service Nov. 1, which prompted his anger, according to the report.

“Shut up, you stupid bitch,” he told her, the report states.

The woman then chased him out of the J-Bar and watched him get into his car and drive away, the report states.

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