Man taken to hospital after bear breaks into Aspen home |

Man taken to hospital after bear breaks into Aspen home

ASPEN – A man was sent to the hospital Thursday night after a bear attacked him in a home in Aspen’s Meadowood subdivision.

It’s unknown what injuries he sustained or what his condition was Thursday evening, although the injuries did not appear life-threatening, said Randy Hampton, spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Law enforcement was called to 4 Laurel Lane at 8:07 p.m. on a report that a man was being attacked by a bear in the house. He was transported to Aspen Valley Hospital, where he was being treated.

Hampton said the man was upstairs when his dogs started barking crazily. As he attempted to round them up, the bear came upstairs and encountered the man. Hampton added that he had not yet spoken to the victim.

After he was injured, the man reportedly went downstairs after the bear did and opened a window to allow the animal to escape; the bear, described as a large male, eventually climbed out of the window, Hampton said. As of press time, the bear had eluded authorities.

Hampton said a trap has been set and seven DOW officers were on scene. Authorities were patrolling the neighborhood.

“Obviously if we find the bear, we’ll put him down,” Hampton said.

The DOW has killed 11 bears in the Aspen-to-Basalt area and relocated 22 this summer. If the animals pose a threat to human beings, or are repeat offenders of breaking into homes or unsecured trash cans, the DOW’s policy is to euthanize them.

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