Man of the people? |

Man of the people?

Dear Editor:

Scott Condon continues his excellent reporting of Basalt politics in The Aspen Times (“Basalt ponders if ‘boom’ rules are outdated in the ‘bust,'” Jan. 20, 2011).

Basalt Councilman Glenn Rappaport is always willing to take the lead to ease restrictions on development. This time it’s affordable housing regulations. Thankfully, at last week’s meeting, Councilor McBride challenged Rappaport’s folly.

Rappaport has always been pro-business/pro-development at the expense of community goals. Many residents are in survival mode. They aren’t totally focused on town politics, which makes this a terrible time to reverse those goals.

This wouldn’t smell so foul if he didn’t parade around as a regular guy and man of the people.

Jim Paussa


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