Man faces six years for alleged hash possession |

Man faces six years for alleged hash possession

Chad Abraham

A Carbondale man arrested Jan. 29 in Aspen faces a felony drug possession charge and could receive as much as six years behind bars.Kevin D’Angelo, 19, was allegedly carrying a small container of marijuana concentrate, or hashish, when an Aspen police officer arrested him. He also faces charges of resisting arrest and being a minor in possession of alcohol.Aspen police officer Dan Davis approached the suspect and two other men at 3:15 a.m. on West Hopkins Avenue after seeing him holding a beer bottle, according to a police report.D’Angelo allegedly threw the bottle to the ground and was told that he could be fined for littering. Davis asked the suspect, who appeared to be drunk, if he was 21 and D’Angelo said he wasn’t, the report says. The officer tried to arrest D’Angelo, who allegedly tried to run, and Davis tackled him.Davis placed D’Angelo into a police car’s front passenger seat, but when the officer went around to get in, the suspect opened the door and ran away toward the men he had been walking with.”I told them to stop their friend. They didn’t,” Davis wrote.Davis said he slipped on the ice during the pursuit but was able to follow the suspect’s footprints to where he was hiding behind a snowbank.”D’Angelo said, ‘OK, OK! I’m done,'” Davis wrote. “He pleaded with me again to not take him to jail. He said, ‘I am so f—ed.'”At the Pitkin County Jail, he allegedly told a jailer going through one of his pockets that she was “not going to like what you find in there.”The alleged hashish container was about the size of a Carmex container, Detective Chris Womack of the Aspen Police Department said. The container lid depicted a person in a wheelchair and a marijuana leaf, the police report says.Possession of hashish is a class IV felony that carries a sentence of between two and six years. Resisting arrest is a misdemeanor, while minor in possession is a petty offense.The suspect has been released on bond and is due back in court March 6.Chad Abraham’s e-mail address is


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