Man arrested for trash can pit stop at NYP |

Man arrested for trash can pit stop at NYP

Naomi Havlen

A man who allegedly relieved himself near the front counter at New York Pizza was arrested last week after being snagged by the pizza shop’s staff.Carlton Cross is charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after police were called to the restaurant early Thursday morning. According to two restaurant employees, a group of four men entered the Hyman Avenue pizzeria just after midnight when a man in a white T-shirt and yellow visor urinated in a trash can near the front counter.The employees said the other three men stood watching their friend and laughing. When one of the employees approached Cross and told him he could see what he was doing and asked him to leave, Cross continued to urinate and said, “whatever.”According to a police report, when the New York Pizza employee put his hand on Cross’ shoulder and told him again to leave, Cross said: “Why don’t you get all of your friends and make me leave.” The employee felt threatened and tried to get away, but Cross followed him with raised, clenched fists, according to police.The employee then grabbed a stool to protect himself and continued to back away while his co-worker called police.The New York Pizza workers said that when Cross’ friends saw the phone call to the police being made, they grabbed Cross and left the restaurant. Police contacted four men in front of the restaurant soon after the incident and identified one as Cross.The report also states that police looked into the trash can in question and noticed the napkins on top of the garbage appeared to be saturated with urine.Cross was taken to the Pitkin County Jail without incident.Naomi Havlen’s e-mail address is


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