Man arrested after pulling knife, threatening worker in Aspen shop |

Man arrested after pulling knife, threatening worker in Aspen shop

Paul Conrad/The Aspen Times

ASPEN ” A Texas man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he allegedly pulled out a knife and threatened a worker at the Art Tee Gallery, a T-shirt shop on Aspen’s Hyman Avenue mall.

As of Tuesday night, Karim Ojoudar, 18, was in custody in the Pitkin County Jail on a $2,500 bond.

“First he just asked me for some weed,” said Michael Taylor, manager of Art Tee Gallery. “[Ojoudar] said, ‘You got any weed, nigga?’ I said, ‘Nigga, I don’t have any weed.’ And he said, ‘I’ll cut your white ass up.'”

After that, Ojoudar allegedly pulled a small knife and challenged Taylor to fight, but Taylor “told him to keep walking.”

The owner of the T-shirt shop then told Taylor to call the police.

Police said the stories about what happened are somewhat different, though three workers corroborated what happened in the store to police. Ojoudar allegedly told police he was hanging out with a friend (a juvenile who also was arrested) who said a member of the shop was laughing at Ojoudar and so they went in to pick a fight.

For the next few hours, Aspen police searched for Ojoudar and the friend, but could not find them.

Around 2:30 p.m., police said Ojoudar and the friend returned to the store.

“Two hours later, he came back, apparently to apologize,” said Taylor. “The owner told him to get out and had a hammer in his hand just in case the guy pulled the knife out again. [Ojoudar] just ran and five cop cars barricaded him in near Mezzaluna.”

Crowley said Ojoudar admitted to pulling a knife on the employee and admitted to threatening him. Police found two knives on Ojoudar, both were small with blades of 3 to 4 inches. Crowley said there was no evidence of drug or alcohol use during the time of the alleged crime.

According to police, the two men who were arrested had arrived in Aspen from Texas on Monday.

“I think it’s just someone trying to be stupid, high and mighty, trying to pick a fight,” said Taylor.

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