Man admits to urinating on Aspen Police car

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

Urine some trouble now.

That’s basically what Aspen police told a man after he peed on a patrol vehicle parked next to the bus stop at the intersection of Mill Street and Hyman Avenue on March 15.

The suspect, Casey James Connors, 25, of Lakewood, appeared in Aspen Municipal Court on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty to urinating in public and indecent exposure.

“Your honor, I don’t recall the events, but I woke up in jail the next morning, so you’d have no problem proving what happened,” Connors told Judge Brooke Peterson.

Peterson reminded Connors that it was the city’s, not the judge’s, duty to produce the incriminating evidence. Nonetheless, Connors said he was indeed guilty.

A police report says that officers spotted Connors at approximately 1:30 in the morning standing next to the patrol car.

Officer Walter Chi wrote that he was standing less than 5 feet from Connors, who “had opened his pants to expose his penis and was urinating on the side of my marked police vehicle. … While Officer (Forrest) Barnett and I stood behind Connors, he continue to urinate. I observed the stream from his penis, striking the driver’s side of the vehicle (which I had just washed). I explained to Connors that I was a police officer and I was observing him urinating on my assigned vehicle.”

Chi then cuffed Connors and put him in the front seat of the vehicle he’d soaked moments earlier and took him to jail.

City attorney James True, filling in for municipal prosecutor Debbie Quinn, said the man’s actions were of concern.

“Mr. Connors was quite obviously intoxicated at the time,” True said.

The city is willing to accept a six-month deferred judgment for Connors, along with a $100 fine and 10 hours of community service.

But before the city agrees to it, Connors must reach an agreement with Quinn that would require him to undergo an evaluation for alcohol use, True said. If an agreement is reached before the next municipal court date on April 22, Connors won’t have to appear in court. Connors said he was willing to do what the city asked of him.


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