Malone is out of touch |

Malone is out of touch

Dear Editor:Mr. Emerick, from Aspen, said in his letter to the editor on Wednesday when he was stumping for Dee Malone, “We live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, that is one of the main reasons that I came here.” Unfortunately for most of us, once we move here (in our twenties) and set down roots, we realize the only way we can own a place of our own is to move downvalley or out of the valley.Candidates like Dee Malone are probably very nice people. I have never met her (that I know of), but she and those who support her already have homes in the West End or in exclusive neighborhoods of Snowmass Village and the Aspen Club. When she and those who support her can’t see the need for a project like Burlingame Ranch affordable housing, it is my opinion that they are out of touch with the ordinary people and therefore will not look out for them and their interests if elected.Heck, she has one of the most powerful big-time Realtors in the valley as her co-chair and treasurer (Carol Ann Jacobson), who lives in the exclusive neighborhood at the Aspen Club. I don’t think they will have much in common with those who work and live here if they are against affordable employee housing, do you?Even though many workers do not live in Aspen, that doesn’t mean their interests shouldn’t be looked out for. Most of the people who have the deepest love for this town live in the downvalley bedroom communities, because there wasn’t an opportunity to live in Aspen.Elitists living in Aspen have no business being on the town council unless they are able to represent all people and all income levels equally. I say please vote no for Dee Malone and all those candidates that are against Burlingame Ranch affordable housing! My wife and I want to have the opportunity to move back upvalley to Aspen, and anyone who would step in the way of that possibility I say do not vote for them, they are out of touch!Retired Judge DeVilbiss (candidate DeVilbiss) was quoted as saying that he did not want to talk about other issues in the campaign because he thought they would detract from the importance of Burlingame. DeVilbiss went on to say that Burlingame foes have a wider agenda at hand, which is to terminate the city’s affordable housing program altogether. I tend to agree with him.Bill WallenBasalt

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