Making things worse |

Making things worse

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

On “60 Minutes” Bob Woodward told about asking President Bush just how he thought history would judge his presidency. Bush said, “We’ll all be dead!”

I would think that Bush, being the good Christian fundamentalist that he is, would be a little bit worried about spending an eternity in hell for the atrocities his administration has inflicted upon this fragile planet of ours that God gave to man to care for.

He must really believe that since he was sent here to save the world from the “Evildoers” by installing democracy in all Muslim countries, he can do no wrong.

Personally, I think that history will judge him as one of the worst presidents we have ever had, when the long-term ramifications of his record come to bear on future generations.

The many problems we have, such as affordable health care and health insurance for the average person, the ballooning budget deficit, the hornets nest we have stirred up in the Muslim world and the lack of any kind of meaningful energy conservation policy, have either been ignored or made worse during this man’s term in office.

I would suggest that to anyone out there who has been doing any thinking, please take a good long look at his record from reliable sources. He actually had the nerve to say that he “does what he says he is going to do” in that interview with Woodward. I can’t remember – was it once or twice that this actually happened since he has been in office?

Steve Custenborder