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Making a difference

Dear Editor:In honor of National Mentoring Month, we would like to emphasize the importance of mentoring the younger generation in our community. The Pre-Collegiate Program, a nonprofit organization within the Roaring Fork School District, mentors kids into college who will be the first generation in their families to complete an advanced degree. We work with seventh-to 12th-graders in small groups, each of which has a volunteer mentor from the community.There are about eight to 12 kids in each small mentoring group, from Basalt through Glenwood. In total, there are currently 18 volunteers mentoring about 180 students, all of whom have great hopes and dreams for the future.It is remarkable what someone’s gift of time can become to a student who is ready for the valuable experience of going to college; a student who would not be able to reach this goal without the guidance and the help of a mentor.We would like to thank all those people who are involved and support the Pre-Collegiate Program – from board members, community members, teachers and students. And most importantly, we would like to publicly recognize our volunteer mentors who are sharing their time and life experiences with valley students who would otherwise have no avenue to learn about the educational opportunities that exist beyond high school.To our mentors: Thanks for caring about those that need educational guidance, and for sharing of your valuable time: Bob Brooks, Bill Lorah, Lex Tarumianz, Jamie Roth, Scott Gilbert, Mary Peplin, Bonnie Cretti, Deb Cutter, Jim Phillips, Mike Blair, Steve Kaufman, Robin Tolan, Walter Gallaher, Shelley Supplee, Judy Palmer, Paula Stepp and Ellen Skoczenski.To everyone who has been positively influenced by a mentor in your lives, you know how important it is to provide mentoring experiences to others. For mentoring and mentors, we give thanks and recognition during National Mentoring Month.Julie Goldstein and Adriana AyalaPre-Collegiate ProgramBasalt


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