Making a deal |

Making a deal

Dear Editor:The Republicans remind me of barflies 15 minutes before closing time. No sooner had the plates been been cleared after the lunches of brotherly love at the White House when the compassionate one got to work. His creep attorney general was dispatched to make speeches claiming that Democrats who opposed the notion of having their phone lines tapped were just as bad as the terrorists.The Big Silly then decided to open up the cage and release his coven of hanging judges for confirmation. But that is not the best. The best is the new appointment Erik Keroack as chief of family planning programs in the Department of Health and Human Services. This clown has stated that the distribution of contraceptives is “demeaning to women.” Where do they find people like this? It is a skill.Now I have a proposition for the administration. Forget about the judges. It’s not going to happen. But you want John Bolton confirmed as ambassador to the UN. He is a boor, but seems to have been kept on a tight string. So Democrats, make a deal. Confirm him if Bush agrees to withdraw Keroack, who does not need confirmation and can do real damage.Jeremy Bernstein(not the lawyer)Aspen

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