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Makes no sense

It looks like the S-curves ball has been officially “served” and the volleys back and forth are proceeding vigorously. Richie gives us “the facts,” David starts his own “club” for the safety of it all, and Tim tells us “one careful look at the model is worth a thousand letters to the editor.”

Well, Tim, you’re absolutely right. I stopped by City Hall today and checked out the lovely model. I noted to myself that CDOT would have to dig up a swath several hundred feet wide through the center of the Marolt Open Space to put in their “time saving” new two-lane highway entrance. (Three times the width of the present highway.)

I also noted that there was no room under the tunnel for any future lanes (bus or otherwise). I walked away thinking, as I did before, a huge waste of money for nothing better than what we have now (except it wont be in David’s front yard).

I got halfway to the back door when I stopped and went back to the model. I couldn’t believe it: the 400-foot tunnel has a bend in the middle. You cannot see daylight at the other end of the tunnel. We would be driving into a dark cave every time we entered this monstrosity.

Welcome to Aspen, the “Capitol of the Great Outdoors,” and remember not to inhale for the next 400 feet. Tim, you are absolutely right. One look at the model and no one person would even spend someone else’s money for this joke.

You and all the straight shot guys can tell the town over and over again ?til you’re blue in the face what a great design/solution this will be, freeing the valley of the horrible traffic jam that we suffer through for an hour in the morning (coming into town), and an hour in the afternoon (leaving town), five days a week. I’m not buying this!

The S-curves are not the cause of any problem, and the straight-shot is not the solution to this minor inconvenience!

Let’s go back to the drawing board, boys, and give us something that makes sense.

Mark Hesselschwerdt


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