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Make your voice heard

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Nearly 22 million unmarried women did not cast ballots on Election Day in 2000. If unmarried women went to the polls at the same rate as married women, more than six million more voters would have gone to the polls in 2000. If it seems like politicians are listening to rich, special interests and not to you, single women, then get their attention by speaking up at the polls. Use your right to vote to elect people who will protect your rights, take on health-care costs, and protect jobs and paychecks.Please stop by the Planned Parenthood Health Center at 410 20th St., Suite 203, Glenwood Springs to register to vote. It only takes a minute to fill out a voter registration form. You can make your voice heard in November! Terri WormPlanned ParenthoodGlenwood SpringsHealth Center Manager