Make like Alta |

Make like Alta

Dear Editor:What can sane Aspenites do to clear Aspen of the fogging that takes over the mass consciousness through an unrelenting propaganda machine?Aspen Times columnist Roger Marolt hit the nail on the head with his article “Selling Snake Oil 101” (Aspen Times, Dec. 10). Ain’t nobody fooling him, so who’s fooling who?Next, there were newspaper articles making to have us readers believe there is at least $1.5 billion just overflowing from the Aspen banking community’s vaults because of residential sales. There are no economic indicators leading the astute to believe and verify Aspen banks were significantly involved in these windfall residential lending-related profit ventures. If they had been, they would be so flushed with cash they would be giving away interest-free loans just to get the money working.Now last, the Aspen Skiing Co. monopoly can increase sales, lower costs and increase net-income-after-taxes simply by copying Alta, Utah, and giving the Roaring Fork Valley American-born a break. How?Every day from 3 to 5 p.m. in Alta, you can ski for free, bring your bag lunch to eat and no one kicks you off the Sundeck or Bonnie’s. And a lift ticket is $42 a day, which you can use to ski at both Sunbird and Alta.Try it, Skico. You won’t need to hire foreign shills for your hills.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.