Make it a meatless Thanksgiving |

Make it a meatless Thanksgiving

Dear Editor:

The annual presidential pardoning of a turkey for Thanksgiving (this year, Obama will pardon both turkeys) is something we can all do. This year, instead of including a tortured animal as the centerpiece of our meal, we can enjoy some of the delicious alternatives, like Tofurkey, Field Roast, or something completely different – like a homemade roast consisting of tofu, wheat, water and spices (an Internet search will provide an abundance of options, as will a trip to the supermarket).

If we are truly to give thanks for our life, health and happiness, let’s extend our circle of compassion to include other living beings, like turkeys; it would benefit our families’ health as well.

We kill more than 270 million turkeys annually in the U.S. Those birds live and die horribly: Their beaks and toes are severed, they breathe toxic fumes and are crowded in sheds until it’s time to die; at the slaughterhouse, workers cut their throats, and dump them into boiling water, even while still conscious.

Turkey meat is laced with cholesterol and saturated fats which elevate the risk for deadly, chronic diseases; even the label warns of the potential for food poisoning!

This Thanksgiving, we can all be thankful that there are plant-based alternatives to deadly meat-and-dairy products, making it possible for us to enjoy a truly nonviolent Thanksgiving.

Let’s put our money where our heart is: Check out the Internet for lots of vegan Thanksgiving recipes and options, and visit the supermarket for an abundance of satisfying and delicious turkey alternatives.

Andrew Teller