Make a resolution with your child |

Make a resolution with your child

Thank you, Aspen Times, for sharing the informative article about obesity and fast-food consumption in children (Monday, Jan. 5). The truth is that obesity and its related diseases are epidemic in this country, with children’s rates of obesity skyrocketing at a faster rate than adults’.

In addition to the bombardment of fast-food marketing on children, other factors contribute to this sad tale. Did you know that childhood diabetes rates parallel obesity rates? Did you know that diabetes causes blindness, among other problems? If you value your child’s health, you need to take action immediately, in order to save it.

First, no parent or school should even consider allowing vending machines containing candy or soda, or fast-food chains themselves, in the schools. What can we possibly teach children by allowing such atrocities? Children are valuable. They deserve to have the best health, and to eat the most nutritious foods.

Why? So that their growing bodies have energy to play, so their minds have the ability to concentrate and to learn about this amazing world, so that they feel confident about themselves, so that they can succeed in life, so that they can use their healthy teeth to smile, and so that they are never limited by poor health.

Second, take action by moving your body. Children are so smart, and they will mimic their parents’ every action. If you are not showing your children the blessing and fun of movement, they, too, will become inactive, which leads to obesity.

Third, learn about nutrition, and take the time to apply what you learn. One of our biggest roles in our lives is to continually learn. Children are sponges for knowledge: they will delight in learning with you. It will, indeed, take time to apply what you’ve learned.

Cook nutritious meals with your family. Plan and prepare meals in advance. This not only saves time and money spent on fast food throughout the week, but think of the medical expenses you will be spared over time.

Since this is the time of year when adults nationwide “get healthy,” consider making resolutions with your children. You’re the grown-up, you make the rules. Do this because you care about them. It may be a long time, but they will thank you some day, rather than curse you.

Our children deserve the best. Show them this every day. Take action immediately. Thank you.

Nina Schnipper

Glenwood Springs