Make a midvalley splash

Dear Editor:

I find it hard to imagine that anyone cannot see the value in the proposed Crown Mountain Recreation Center. From my perspective, as a retired, limited-income senior living near Basalt, it sounds excellent that I can access, without a long drive, a place with a pool (that’s open) and space to play tennis and work out at a reasonable price.

Add to that the option of grocery shopping, getting a good, quick lunch at any of several tasty places, and mailing packages, I’m in. Several trips to the stores each week, combined with a swim or some other exercise indoors, fits my needs perfectly.

The space is there, the cost really minimal and the land put to good use without some additional random housing further cluttering the landscape. I think it is a great opportunity; do the research and encourage others to support it as well. A midwinter, midvalley swim sounds really, really good.

Karen D’Attilo

Lazy Glen