Make 82 safer |

Make 82 safer

Dear Editor:

I am writing to address a safety concern. How many of the accidents on Highway 82 occur at or around traffic lights? How many of us see cars running these lights?

I think it is time to start removing lights and add on- and off-ramps. This should reduce accidents, improve traffic flow, and most importantly, save lives.

This would make crossing the highway safer for pedestrians, because they won’t have to cross it anymore.

Additionally, it will also save everybody money on fuel, save money replacing brakes, and save time for the drivers and especially the new bus-rapid-transit system. And for the other green incentive, how about reducing emissions?

I believe this should be considered at this critical time; Aspen is looking at an Aspen Airport Business Center under/overpass, the Roaring Fork Transportation Agency is looking at changes along the highway corridor, Carbondale has property that could be incorporated into a “town entrance.”

The old argument, “We don’t want to look like Vail Valley,” is exactly that – old. The entire Roaring Fork Valley is developed or to be developed. Let’s keep it safe and easy to visit our trails, friends and businesses.

Traffic lights are referred to as stoplights for a reason. Let’s go!

Ed Jenkins