Main Street Bakery: Snippy start, smiley finish |

Main Street Bakery: Snippy start, smiley finish

Stewart Oksenhorn
The Main Street Bakery waitress (not pictured) who served our faithful correspondent showed a bit of attitude, but handled the nuts and bolts of her job perfectly. Aspen Times photo/Paul Conrad.

Bill Dinsmoor, owner of Main Street Bakery, didn’t mind one bit that our party was of uncertain size – but definitely big – and arriving in dribs and drabs on a Wednesday evening. It gave Dinsmoor the chance to tell variations on his favorite joke several times: “My wife is actually the owner. But she lets me work here as much as I want.” Dinsmoor’s friendliness was a welcome mood-setter.

I wasn’t quite so sure about the waitress. She asked if we wanted to wait for the rest of our group to order. As we spent 30 seconds counting how many more were on their way, and when they’d be arriving, she said, borderline snappy, “I don’t need to know how many you’re waiting for.”We diners exchanged suspicious looks. When I told her we were, in fact, ready to order, she responded, after checking her watch, “I’ll be back in one minute and 22 seconds.”

So along with a touch of snippiness, she could also be annoying.Fortunately, the firestorm never hit. We served up a waitron’s ultimate challenge: staggered arrival and ordering times, with some eating full meals and others having drinks or snacks or nothing at all. And multiple checks, of course. Apart from delivering a few pieces of inedible hard bread – odd for a bakery – our waitress hung tough. All the orders seemed to be right, as were the checks.The early flash of attitude never recurred. As the bills were paid, I asked if everything seemed OK. Her answer was a reassuring smile.

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