Magnuson: A great candidate with a bad rap |

Magnuson: A great candidate with a bad rap

Dear Editor:

I lived and worked as an attorney in Aspen for almost three years before returning to L.A. last fall. While here, my husband and I got to know Rick Magnuson, who is running for sheriff.

I recently came back to Aspen for a week’s vacation, where I was occasionally met with the following comment: “Your crazy/weird/artist friend is running for sheriff again.”

It puzzles me that some people in town think of Rick this way – while his art is off the beaten path, as a man and professional you cannot find anyone with higher integrity, decency or capability; a person you can trust under pressure, a leader who embodies Aspen’s ideals and would uniquely keep this community safe while maintaining what makes it special.

Let me tell you about the candidate I know: Rick is extremely intelligent, with a background in economics from UConn. He is well informed of local, national and world events, and will always add excellent commentary to any discussion, whether it’s regarding politics, art, music, science or law. He is extremely even tempered and always thinks through how he is going to respond or react to any particular situation.

His even temper is what makes him a particularly good cop: He is calm even in the most high-stress or dangerous situations. Even with the public scrutiny he faced (particularly in the last election), he is not one to lash out. He never flies off the handle, embodying the safety-first principles of a peace officer both on and off duty. Everything he does professionally is intentional, meticulous and thorough. It is why he was top of his class at the police academy and recently was honored with Aspen Peace Officer of the Year.

In almost every sense, Rick is the underdog in this race. He faces an uphill battle steeper than the Silver Queen run. Joe DiSalvo has raised more than 50 times the funding and has the rabid backing of the “old guard,” and is clearly the favorite candidate of the press. But if you look beyond the hype, scratch beneath the surface – take some time to learn more about the candidates, as professionals and people – I think you’ll find Rick to be the best fit for Pitkin County sheriff among the three candidates now in the race.

The Aspen I experienced is a balanced, intellectual and open-minded community. The Aspen I know does not judge “books by their covers,” but dives into the content. In this spirit, I urge you to consider Rick Magnuson for sheriff.

Stacy Feinberg

Los Angeles

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