Maggert a threat to Carbondale |

Maggert a threat to Carbondale

Dear Editor:I am writing to urge the voters of Carbondale to vote for all three incumbents – Scott Chaplin, John Foulkrod and Stacey Patch-Bernot – for the Board of Trustees on April 4. We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of community leaders serving us as trustees today, and we should allow them to continue their good work. Barry Maggert is the only nonincumbent in this race, and he spoke with me while campaigning in my neighborhood this week. His statements revealed a man who would bring nothing positive to our Board of Trustees. If you are considering voting for Mr. Maggert, please carefully consider the following points:First, he says he’s a Libertarian, but his statements on local issues contradict libertarian ideology. Mr. Maggert bemoaned the fact that Carbondale is one of the “poorest” towns in Colorado, in terms of our local government’s revenue, while a true Libertarian would celebrate having a small, limited, efficient government. Mr. Maggert wants to fund town government by allowing much more commercial development while lowering our sales tax on food. But check your City Market receipts, and you’ll discover that your groceries are already exempt from sales taxes. This ignorance about basic tax codes reveals how unqualified for a trustee position Mr. Maggert is. Mr. Maggert claims to be a property-rights advocate, but when a sober living house was moved to Maggert’s neighborhood, he turned against this core Libertarian belief and invoked his “subdivision covenant” as a reasonable limit on his neighbor’s private property rights. I don’t want some one that confused governing Carbondale.Second, if he were a true Libertarian, that would be even worse for Carbondale. While we can’t all agree on exactly what we want this town to be in the future, we can agree that if left entirely to the free market (as a true Libertarian would want), development of all kinds would sprawl out in every direction, damaging the small-town character and natural beauty that every Carbondalean values. A true Libertarian would insist that we should have fewer services provided by our local government – the pool, the skatepark, town parks, town-sponsored arts and music would all decline. We need a Board of Trustees that advocates reasonable zoning and good services to preserve what we love about our town.And third, we already have a well-qualified and balanced group of leaders on our Board of Trustees, and we should be thankful that they all want to continue serving us there. Mr. Maggert is running as part of a unified block of candidates who admittedly agree on only one issue, attempting to make this election another de facto referendum on the Marketplace development. But our Trustees deal with much more that that, and our current Board has the experience necessary to effectively govern our town. Maggert would bring an inexperienced, anti-government, confused ideology to a board that does not need him. Please vote for the three incumbents to keep their seats in this race. Ben BohmfalkCarbondale

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