Mad mountainboarder |

Mad mountainboarder

Regarding Todd Hartley’s column on Friday, Aug. 22:

I must say that your irresponsible editorial journalism is appalling. However, your ignorance and lack of literary style is not new, especially for a columnist in a low-circulation newspaper in a small elitist mountain town.

Your column has already been written before by your predecessors. Twenty years ago your column was about mountain biking. Fifteen years ago your column was about snowboarding. Perhaps you’ve heard of these Olympic sports.

I cannot believe that a journalist such as yourself would act as blatantly unprofessional as you did last week. The job of a journalist, even an editorialist, is to learn, then to inform.

Apparently you believe that a few seconds of televised images is a credible source of research. With your lack of knowledge and understanding, you’ve chosen to publicly lambaste the pursuit of a community of talented athletes whom you’ve never met. You have proven yourself to be a shameless individual, whose self-confessed lazy practices have seeped into your work.

While I don’t expect mountainboarding to achieve Olympic status, the sport is equally as legitimate, dynamic and athletic as any other respected competitive sport. However, based on the credentials you applied to your column, I should now expect to read your mockery of established sports such as bull riding and rugby, based on the prospect of injury, or the ridicule of Olympic sports such as javelin, based on the number of active participants. You may note that the percentages in my examples are less appealing in those sports than the statistics in the sport of mountainboarding.

I welcome you to observe the U.S. Open Mountainboard Championship next year and apply it to your research for when you write a column about computer repair.

Brack Lee

Loveland, Colo

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