Mad Hatters can’t handle the truth |

Mad Hatters can’t handle the truth

Dear Editor:

In Melanie Sturm’s “Think Again” column of July 21, she cleverly provides us with a definition of our world according to the Mad Hatter where “nothing would be what it is, for everything would be what it isn’t.”

On Tuesday, July 26, with Cathleen Krahe’s letter to the editor and then again on Sunday, July 31, with Harvie Branscomb’s Aspen Times featured guest column, these two have stepped forward in a dual role as our very own “Mad Hatters of the Roaring Fork Valley.” Too bad the discussion is not about a local theater production of “Alice in Wonderland” (that would be nice) but instead, it’s about – what else – the Israeli/Palestinian situation.

Ms. Sturm, who, thankfully lives outside of Wonderland, generously and courageously put forth the reality of the situation, while Ms. Krahe and Mr. Branscomb retorted by bashing Israel (so what’s new?) with their ranting diatribes of drivel, lies and distortions.

In all fairness, I do need to thank Ms. Krahe in getting just one thing right in her letter when she says “The idea of a Jewish state of European Jews was conceived in the late 1800s in Europe in reaction to European anti-Semitism. They chose Palestine based on historic and divine rights of Jews.”

Well said, but Palestine, if I may clarify, was not then and never has been a sovereign nation. It was a territory which contained the biblical land of Israel, which, by the way, has never in all its history since, been without a Jewish presence, just in case anyone wants to talk “indigenous.” The land was renamed in ancient times by the Philistines (not Arabs) in order to try and eradicate the Jewish connection to it. During the late 1800s to which Ms. Krahe refers, it was controlled by the Turks and then the British mandate as a result of World War I.

To lead us further out of “Wonderland,” if I may, I’d like to point out that since the beginning of Jewish resettlement in the late 1800s through the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 until today, the Jews living there have been continually besieged by surrounding enemies bent of their destruction.

First, in the early pre-state days through acts of terror: That didn’t work. Then, post-state until the 1980s, through a continual series of offensive wars waged by surrounding enemy states: That didn’t work. And then again, through the 1990s and into the 2000s again by terror attacks and the new phenomenon of “Palestinian” suicide bombings: That didn’t work.

So now the latest tactic is delegitimization in the global media. I have news for all the current and would-be Mad Hatters out there: That won’t work either. Looking glass or no looking glass, history is what it is. Like Ms. Sturm, I have faith that, in general, the American people are savvy and although we like to be entertained by fantasy, in the end we won’t buy it. There is only one truth, and it will prevail.

Judy S. Kava

Snowmass Village

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